Course-Level Assessment

Course-level assessment is fundamental to faculty practice. It’s a cyclical process of identifying and articulating student learning goals, aligning those goals with the curriculum, collecting evidence of student learning, interpreting the evidence, and using the evidence to improve your students’ learning. It’s a process that you most likely engage in already but perhaps not systematically or intentionally. Your teaching might incorporate assessment practices to the extent that they seem second nature; our intentions here are to draw attention to the individual steps and decisions that comprise course-level assessment, as well as to introduce assessment approaches that may be helpful to you going forward.

The methods, tools, approaches, and examples on these subsequent pages demonstrate the many options available for course-level assessment. An ideal process doesn’t exist. Just as there are many different pedagogical approaches, the same is true for course-level assessment. We ask that you consider these various resources and how you might apply them to your own assessment practice.

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